10 Years
Wine in Moderation

Foreword by the WiM Association Board

Wine in Moderation: Celebrating 10 Years of Social Responsibility in the Wine Sector and looking forwards to the future


Celebrating an anniversary is always a great moment, so with 10 years of Wine in Moderation it is only natural that we pause to reflect on what has been achieved since the beginning and, more importantly, to look forwards to the future of many years to come.

Launched in 2008, the social responsibility programme of the wine sector has grown into a worldwide movement active in 15 countries on 2 continents. Over the past 10 years, the dozens of members around the globe, and thousands of Wine in Moderation supporters ranging from multinational companies to small family owned wineries, have transformed an idea into a reality; changing a vision of few into something naturally and fully part of today’s wine culture and business.

The original aim of uniting the wine sector, joining forces and working hand in hand, to make a difference in the way people enjoy wine and approach alcoholic beverages, has been achieved to a significant degree.

The Wine in Moderation Programme has extended beyond the original commitment made in the European Alcohol and Health Forum by the Wine Sector in 2008; to make measurable contributions targeted to reduce the harm done by the inappropriate consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Today, widely recognised and referenced as a good practice by international, European and national authorities, Wine in Moderation strivesto continuously improve, evolve and achieve excellence.

Through the actions implemented to encourage moderate and responsible consumption of this product of great socio-economic worth, the wine sector is defending the invaluable culture and history of wine.

Along the years, Wine in Moderation has mobilised an important number of leading organisations, growing both in terms of members and geography, as the world becomes increasingly aware of the need for moderation and self-responsibility. In 2013, the first non-European country joined the WiM Association, an important step in establishing the Wine in Moderation Programme as the international reference for social responsibility which now counts 24 Members, 12 Associated Partners and thousands of supporters from around the globe.

By joining intergovernmental bodies such as the OIV – International Organisation of Vine and Wine, and the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and creating partnerships with important actors of the wine value chain, we have added to the reach of this social responsibility programme.

The Wine in Moderation mission to self-regulate commercial communication, to educate, inform and communicate on the topic of moderate and responsible consumption, has been realised through multinational and local campaigns. These initiatives, such as filière training, self-regulation charters, responsible service training, and participation in consumer and trade wine events, have inspired Wine in Moderation members to reach out to their peers to inform them on responsible practices, and to their wine consumers to reinforce the importance of moderation when enjoying wine.

The stories laid out here represent a small portion of our activities and the hours of work invested to develop them, but we want to highlight the important commitment and effort that has been put into the Wine in Moderation Programme by all those involved, and which goes far beyond what is presented here.

As we look and move forwards into the future, to new challenges and consumer values, a word of thanks to all who have walked together with us on this path thus far, and a word of welcome to those who will join us on the march to keep the culture of wine alive and stronger than ever!