10 Years
Wine in Moderation

Empower professionals
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Empower professionals

Professional training in wine, health and responsible business practices, has largely increased along the years reaching more professionals in more countries. Partnerships with the hospitality sector continuously improve competencies in responsible serving; while the coordinated efforts of all actors have enabled the Wine in Moderation training to be formalised within key vocational training curriculum's and referenced by International Organisations.

Scientific documentation

The www.wineinformationcouncil.eu website acts as an online database gathering all the relevant studies on health, social and cultural aspects of wine consumption. Since 2009, 2058 scientific abstracts were selected based on the ANZFA criteria and the supervision of the Wine Information Council scientific advisory group. Thousands of recipients have been learning about the latest scientific news through monthly newsletters for the last nine years, and knowledge sharing was also further enhanced through scientific events. The knowledge gained has backed Wine in Moderation messages and education programmes with robust science.


Responsible Commercial Communication is set by the principles described in the Wine Communication Standards (WCS). The WCS is a code of conduct that works in tandem with existing self-regulation schemes and national legislation. All entities that join Wine in Moderation (WiM Supporters) adhere to the values of the programme and the WCS communication principles. In Spain, since 2009, the wine sector, originally through FEV and today through OIVE, with the support of the national Self-Regulation Organisation AUTOCONTROL, have excelled the implementation of a wine specific self-regualtion scheme. Efforts to promote Responsible Communication targeted also wine writers and opinion leaders. From 2015 to 2017, the wine communication awards “Born Digital Wine Awards brought to you by Wine in Moderation (BDWAbyWIM)” has reached top influencer's promoting responsibility and moderation in the communication and appreciation of wine