10 Years
Wine in Moderation

An EU Forum for action

Creation of the European Alcohol and Health Forum (EAHF Chart), as a cornerstone of the EU Strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol-related harm. A Forum open to all stakeholders motivated to contribute with tangible commitments.

Launch of the Wine in Moderation - Art de Vivre commitment to the EAHF by CEEV, COPA & COGECA & CEVI. A Programme to unite the EU wine sector and disseminate a common message of moderation backed by education, science-based information and self-regulation.

Building the foundation; Education, Science, Self-regulation

1. Development of programme tools available 6 languages around the common message: “Wine, is only appreciated in Moderation”.

2. Establishment of the Wine Information Council (WIC) – a network of scientists – for a broader dissemination of research about Wine and Health and Social Aspects, supported by an on-line scientific database.

3. 1st WIC Conference “Cultural differences and the role of education: how do they affect drinking behaviours in Europe?”

4. Federvini (Wine in Moderation coordinator in Italy) broadcasts video spot “Lo Stile Mediterraneo” on national and regional tv channels and cinemas.

5. FEV makes self-regulation mandatory and applies the Wine Communication Standards (WCS) to all its members. Spanish SRO, Autocontrol, ensures the effective application of these WCS.

“The campaign literature is informative. It's colourful. It's appealing. It gets across important facts about the dangers of heavy drinking – without taking a "preaching" tone of the sort which might encourage rather than discourage an irresponsible approach to alcohol. It also gets across the point that wine is a "health issue" in a positive sense, not just a negative sense.
A glass or two of wine taken regularly really can be wonderful preventive medicine - as our grandfathers always told us when they took the bottle out of the cupboard. Above all, it gets across the point that wine is a good thing if used in the right way – something to savour, something to celebrate."
Mariann Fischer Boel, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development (2004 – 2009)

Delivering Action

1. Deutsche Weinakademie implements Wine in Moderation and delivers 100 full-day “Art de Vivre” seminars throughout Germany. Professional Schools and Universities include this training as part of their curriculum.

2. ACIBEV and AEVP (Wine in Moderation coordinators in Portugal) launch the first of a series of campaigns calling for a responsible and moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages airing on national TV and regional cinemas.

Renew and Move Forward

1. Wine in Moderation commitment is renewed for 3 additional years with new and increased objectives.

2. Creation of the WiM Association to coordinate and report on the implementation of the Wine in Moderation Programme, expanding its reach and impact throughout the world.

3. First official partnership with wider wine value chain FEVE - Friends go Glass becomes associated partner.

4. Wine in Moderation participates at the Moscow International Wine Expo.

Focus on Professional Education and Consumer Awareness

2. Launch of the EU funded multichannel consumer campaign “Quien Sabe Beber, Sabe Vivir” in Spain by FEV.

3. Launch of the pilot project Wine in Moderation logo/web-address labelling with the participation of Ambassador companies Moet Hennessy and Pernod Ricard and with the external evaluation of Wine Intelligence.

4. The European Hospitality sector joins hands with Wine in Moderation and HOTREC becomes associated partner.

South America welcomes Wine in Moderation

The WiM Association welcomes Bodegas de Argentina, the first non-European association to join the movement for a sustainable culture of wine.

New Wine in Moderation dynamic website with a focus on culture, moderation and the Wine in Moderation commitment.

2nd WIC conference: “Wine in Moderation: from Science to Art de Vivre”.

The Austrian Wine Academy joins WiM Association and becomes the national coordinator in Austria.

“The wine sector makes an invaluable economic, social, agricultural and environmental contribution to our societies and is a vivid part of the European Cultural and Culinary Heritage.
In 2008 the European Wine Sector with its commitment to the European Alcohol and Health Forum successfully took up the challenge to contribute in the reduction of harm from the abusive use of alcohol, safeguarding and enhancing moderate and responsible wine drinking as a social norm; paying such high attention to wine and the way to consume it is also extremely important to helping the Agricultural sector in maintaining high attention to wine qualities and the consumers’ experience.
Today we pay tribute to the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre Programme not only for its great achievements in informing and educating consumers and wine professionals, but also for setting the example to the rest of the world and making this European programme a global reference."
Mr. Paolo De Castro, Chair of European Parliament Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (2009-2014)
Brussels, 26 November 2013

Accountability and Recognition

2. The European Parliament recognises the importance of Wine in Moderation in a report on the “European gastronomic heritage: cultural and educational aspects” (2013/2181(INI)).

4. Greek Sommelier Association introduces questions about responsible serving in the annual national contest of best Sommelier.

5. Portuguese wine sector (AEVP, ACIBEV & Sogrape Vinhos) start distributing breathalyser tests during famous consumer wine fairs.

6. Vinos de Chile is the second country from South America to join WiM Association.

Establishing a Global Movement

2. Wine in Moderation partners with the Born Digital Wine Awards for three years to champion the best content produced online for a sustainable wine culture. See video here.

3.Dutch Association of Wine Merchants (KVNW) becomes the national coordinator in The Netherlands and launches big multichannel campaign “Wim over Wijn”.

4.French Federation of Aperitif Wines (FFVA) joins WiM Association as Observer to support the programme and expand reach in wine categories. Read their story.

5. Vin & Société launches “Les Vindomptables”, a multichannel consumer campaign on drinking guidelines. Read article.

6. First edition of “In Vino Virtus” - a drink driving campaign organised by UIV in cooperation with Verona State Police during Vinitaly. Read their story here.

7. WiM partners with FIVIN and the Mediterranean Diet Foundation and joins the Mediterranean Diet Observatory.

Growth & Action: What Else...

1. Munskänkarna is the first consumer association (27 000 members) to join WiM Association and coordinate the programme in Sweden. Read their story here

3. Wine in moderation updates its website with content on wine & diet.

4. The Hungarian National Council of the Wine Communities (HNT) becomes Wine in Moderation national coordinator in Hungary. Read their story here.

5. Wine Brotherhoods share their love and their reason for wine and become Associated Partners of Wine in Moderation.

Engage, Motivate & Enable

1. Wine in Moderation launches central registration system, with a focus on wineries and wine related business, to increase participation and credibility. Register here.

3. World education leader Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) joins the Wine in Moderation Programme as Partner.

4. First Baltic country joins the social responsibility movement - Sommelier School of Lithuania becomes member of Wine in Moderation. Read their story here.

5. AEVP launches fresh and modern advertising consumer campaign “Sabes ser Moderado?”. Read their story here.

6. Wine in Moderation makes its debut at the Budapest Wine Festival.

7. Bodegas de Argentina introduces a special action targeting drink and driving at Bodegas Abiertas. Read their story here.

Celebrating 10 Years, Looking Forward

2. FIVS formalises relationship with WiM Association and becomes Associated Partner.

3. Wine in Moderation further expands in South America by welcoming INAVI from Uruguay and ASOVINOS from Colombia, strengthening the reach of the moderation message on the American continent. Read their stories here: INAVI and ASOVINOS.

5. The University of Reims’ Wine & Law Program joins Wine in Moderation and becomes the first academic entity to join WiM association as an Observer.

7. IBRAVIN from Brazil joins Wine in Moderation making it the fifth country from South America to be part of the movement.